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APRIL 17, 2018
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Fitzwater 101         


Student Paper Session 1
Effects of "Breaking the Silence" Presentation at Franklin Pierce University
Emily Dowd

Jaffrey Grade School Media Literacy Workshop
Allison Ramirez, Alexa Asta, Bailey Matteson, Joseph Wiley

A Social Psychological Assessment of Safe Spaces and Trigger Warnings at Colleges and Universities
Kalyn DaSilva

On the Inside: Student Internship Experiences in Prison
Samantha Bovino, Zachary Wheeler


Student Paper Session 2
Common Themes of Ecovillages and Incorporating these on a College Campus
Rebecca Brand, Daniya Schofield

Integrated Sutainability Curriculum
Tristan Hayes

Analysis of PM 2.5 Concentration in Jaffrey, New Hampshire
Anthony Barinelli

Role of Mary Lee Ware of Rindge, NH and the Early History of American Archaeology
D. Wes Beattie

DREAMing of Civil Rights?
LiAmber McFarland

Frankly Health: Health Science and Communication Collaboration
Lauren Sears, Morgan Candon, Ben Decota, Carina Dillon, Cole Dorman, Alexandra Duddy, Jordyn Fiske, Cheyenne Guetti, Sarah Hendricks, Emily James, Samantha Lagle, Stephanie LeClair, Raymond Miller, CeLynn Siemons

The Camino as Classroom: Walking to Santiago as Our Semester Abroad
Michael Bona, Matthew Maher, Alexis Vantrees, Luke Walsky

Assuming Guilt in Films and in Our Own Lives
Heather Tullio
Faculty Paper Presentation

360 Degree
Tyler Comeau, Tyler Peterson, Violet Schuttler, Anna Watkins, Sophia Venzia

Look to the Future
Kobe Givens, Mikayla Lynch, Melody Carbonell, Kylee Motyka

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