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APRIL 17, 2018
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Marcucella 102         
Eleanor Rigby: Two-Minute Masterpiece
Paul Jenkins
Faculty Paper Presentation

Developing a New Anthropological Field Project: How Museums Depict Vikings in Scandanavia      
Robert Welsch
Faculty Paper Presentation

Role of Anti-Apoptotic Gene bir-2 in Growth, Survival and Immunity in C. elegans
Shallee Page, Emma McGonagle, Dan Spicer
Faculty Paper Presentation

Talking to the "Alt-Right" - Experiences and Some Early Findings
Christina Cliff
Faculty Paper Presentation

Health Sciences Students - Paper Session 1
The effects of passive external compression on maximum HR in a healthy young adult
Alison Stanlewicz, Nathaniel Presti, Victoria Vargas, Robert Lavallee

Do Graduated Compression Socks affect foot strike pattern? A Case Study
Bailey Fernandes, Anthony Barinelli, Hunter Francoeur, Gabriel Luciani

Sweeping the competition with power cleans
Benjamin Lassow

Case Study: Blood Pressures Responses after Maximal Exercise in Women are Affected by Graduated Compression Socks
Devin Neary, Victoria Vargas, Alison Stanlewicz, Nate Presti, Robert Lavalee

Will Wearing Graduated Compression Socks Alter Stride Length?
Gabriel Luciani, Hunter Francoeur, Bailey Fernandes, Anthony Barinelli

Case Study: The Effects of a Six Week Workout Program on Performance and Lifting
Kathleen Neuburger, Kathryn Macksoud, Meghan Spear, Sarah Pereira, Tori Scholtz

Health Sciences Students - Paper Session 2
A Case Study: Can Cardio Workouts Promote Weight Loss Over the Course of Six Weeks?
Kathryn Macksoud, Kathleen Neuburger, Sarah Pereira, Tori Scholtz

The Effects of a Six Week Training Program on a Female with a History of Back and Hip Problems: A Case Study
Meghan Spear, Kathryn Macksoud, Kathleen Neuburger, Sarah Pereira, Tori Scholtz

Can External Compression Affect Time of Recovery for Cardiovascular and Respiratory Responses Immediately After a Maximal Treadmill Exercise in Men? A Case Study
Nathaniel Presti, Alison Stanlewicz; Devin Neary, Victoria Vargas, Robert Lavallee

Assessing Abdominal Muscular Endurance and Circumference Over a 6 Week Exercise Program: A Case Study
Sarah Pereira, Kathryn Macksoud, Kathleen Neuburger, Meghan Spear

Case Study: Six-week workout program on the muscles of the arms: Did I improve coach?
Tori Scholtz, Kathryn Macksoud, Kathleen Neuburger, Sarah Pereira, Meghan Spear

Is Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER) altered by external passive compression? A case study
Victoria Vargas, Alison Stanlewicz, Devin Neary, Nathaniel Presti, Robert Lavallee

Victim Impact Statement: Sophie Green
Katelyn Eastridge, Jordan Newcomb

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