Center for Academic Excellence



The first collection of data for the Student Support Initiative for Fall 2013 will begin Monday, September 23rd and will continue through Sunday, September 29th.  Feedback on student progress will be requested for all classes during this time.


Should I participate if….

I’ve already spoken to the student about my concern?

I’ve already contacted someone on campus about my concern?

Students already have access to their grades for my class via Campus Web?

I have no concerns about students in my classes?




  1. The SSI notification creates a more formal process of notifying students of a concern.  This notice is copied to the student’s advisor as well as to the Center for Academic Excellence.  This formality helps students see that Franklin Pierce University takes student success seriously.  Data from SSI is also shared with others on campus (i.e. Outreach, Residential Life) as appropriate.  By participating, you ensure that your concern is directed to those people and offices that can best assist the student.
  2. SSI provides a way for the University to direct targeted information to students about ways that we can help them be successful.  For example, we may send specific tutoring information to a group of students who are struggling with course content.
  3. Using SSI allows us to get a “full picture” of the student’s progress so far this semester.  A student who is struggling in or absent from one class is very different from a student who is struggling in or absent from four or five classes.  By participating in SSI – even to tell us that you have NO concerns – you give us a more complete idea of how each student is doing.  This information allows us to prioritize our outreach efforts.


 NEW!  This year data will be collected via Campus Web.  Specific details about accessing the data entry portal will be provided when it is open.