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The following will help with your GPA calculations. In order to use it, be sure that you have entered your Cum. GPA and current Credit Hours prior to the current semester.

What will it take and how many credit hours will I need to raise my GPA to a new specified level?
I would like to raise my GPA to
If I can maintain a from here on, how many credit hours will it take to raise my GPA to this new level?

What grade average do I need to achieve this term to raise my cumulative GPA to a new specified level?
I am currently taking credit hours.
I want to raise my Cum GPA to at the end of this term.
What will I have to average in my current courses to reach this goal?


This calculator accepts letter grades with or without pluses or minuses & either upper or lower case.
(i.e. A, b, c-, D+, F)

Current Semester: 

To calculate estimated GPA for the current semester, enter anticipated grade and total credits for each course for up to six courses, and press the button marked ?Calculate Estimated Current Semester GPA?.  ?Repeat?? column is ignored in this calculation


To calculate estimated effect of the current semester on your cumulative GPA, also enter your cumulative GPA and total credits for semesters prior to the current semester, and then press the button marked ?Calculate Estimated Cumulative GPA?. 
Because of round off uncertainties, any result which relies upon a precision of +/-3 in the second decimal place should be checked by hand (e.g. if one needs to be certain whether it is 2.999 or 3.0).


If any class in the current semester is a repeat of a course in which an earlier grade has been earned, the old grade for that course must be entered in the rightmost column in order for cumulative GPA to be properly computed.

Use ?Reset All? to clear and restart. Use ?Create Printable Report? to take you to a page showing your results which can be printed easier..  You must first calculate the Current Semester GPA to use the print feature.  If you calculate the Cum GPA before printing, that will be on the report as well.