Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD)
Promoting Health & Wellness
Welcome to the Franklin Pierce AOD Website!

What is the AOD Committee?

The AOD Committee is a group of dedicated staff, faculty and students who share the common goal of helping Franklin Pierce University be safe and educated in relation to alcohol and drugs. This committee meets monthly to examine how alcohol and drugs are effecting our community, what can be done to educate the community regarding topics relating to alcohol and other drugs, implement educational opportunities and gather, share and disseminate resources that are important to keeping our community both safe and healthy.
Past AOD Social Norm / Media Campaigns


Who is on the AOD Committee?

  • Chris Johnson, Senior Experience Director - Residential Life (Chair)
  • Bill Sweet, Campus Safety Officer
  • Derek Scalia, Assistant Director of Student Involvement
  • Emily McGrath, Student
  • Jane Skantze, Substance Misuse Prevention Coordinator - Monadnock Voices for Prevention
  • Jessica Davies, Student
  • Jessica Harpell, Student
  • Jim Earle, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • (Ad Hoc Member)
  • Lee Potter, Director of Health Services
  • Madelyn Smith, Student
  • Mary Call, Administrative Coordinator of Residential Operations - Residential Life
  • Rachel Malynowski, Officer - Rindge Police Department
  • Rob Koch, Director of Outreach Education & Counseling
  • Vicky Rank, Administrative Assistant - Center for Academic Excellence
  • Zan Goncalves, Faculty


It's Time to Talk about the TRUTH - This is a link to the book that was created through the Fitzwater Center. It's Time to Talk about the TRUTH is a collection of student work, educational information, campus resources, and much much more regarding alcohol and drugs on our campus!

Available Educational Resources - The AOD Committee has many rources available for the Franklin Pierce Community to borrow. Some of these resources have been donated to the Frank S. DiPetro Library, as well as various departments. Other resources are available through the AOD Lending Library in Chris Johnson's Office located in Residential Life (Basement of New Hampshire Hall)

On-Campus Information - Students often express that they cannot find Franklin Pierce related information easily. Here are link to some useful Franklin Pierce information (contact information, policies, etc.) in an easy to use format.

Quick Shots - Links to QUICK tidbits of information about alcohol or other drugs. This information is collected from Franklin Pierce and external sources.

Student Public Service Announcements (PSAs) - Heather Tullio's classes have created some amazing PSAs regarding alcohol. They can be found here.

Student Research - A collection of research compiled by FPU students relating to the topics of alcohol and other drugs.

PhotoVoice - The student involved in the PhotoVoice project have created some wonderful postings. Check them out.

Local Resources - The Monadnock Region has some great resources for alcohol and other drug related needs. Some of those resources can be found here.

Educational Resources - There is so much information about alcohol and other drugs on the internet. We have weeded through some of them and provided links to some of the "good" ones.

What Has the AOD Committee Done?

  • Compiled data from various on-campus and off-campus resources
  • Collected various resources for the University (DVDs, Books, ect.)
  • Facilitated social norms campaigns around campus to educate the community about alcohol and other drugs
  • Designed and ordered various marketing items to publicize the AOD Committee
  • Created the AOD website on Eraven
  • Promoted the annual Franklin Pierce Substance Survey
  • Participated yearly in the Franklin Pierce University Health & Safety Fair
  • Participated yearly in the Franklin Pierce University Employee Benefits Fair
  • Planned and Facilitated educational events around campus relating to alcohol and drugs
  • Developed and implemented a survey to administer to Faculty and Staff to gain perspective on ways alcohol and other drugs impact their positions

What does the Committee want to do in the future?

  • Continue to educate the Franklin Pierce Community on topics relating to alcohol and other drugs
  • Continue to assess the campus culture surrounding alcohol and other drugs (prescription and recreational)
  • Evaluate all programming to assess the effectiveness of the programming and environmental strategies on campus
  • Continue community conversations with faculty, staff and students in all settings to encourage their voices are heard
  • Develop and implement a revised version of the Franklin Pierce University Substance Survey