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2014 Market Research Studies

 Global Awareness Presentation
 Global Awareness Report
 Textbook Preference Study

2013 Market Research Studies

 Social Media Study (PPTX)
 Craft Beer Study (PPTX)
 FP Health Services Study (PPTX)
 FP Electronic Textbook Study (DOC)

2012 Market Research Studies

 Safe Rides Written Report (DOC)
 Safe Rides Powerpoint (PPTX)
 Food Cart Written Report (PDF)
 Food Cart Powerpoint (PPTX)
 Sports Bar Powerpoint (PPTX)
 Inhumane Treatment of Animals Powerpoint (PPTX)


2011 Market Research Studies

 Athletic Apparel Study PowerPoint (PDF)
 Nutritional Snack Bar Study PowerPoint (PDF)
 Nutritional Snack Bar Study Written Report (PDF)
 Smartphone Study 2011 PowerPoint (PDF)


2010 Market Research Studies

 Center for Academic Excellence Study (PDF)
 On-campus Cable Program Options (PDF)
 Student Laptop Study - Report (PDF)
 Student Laptop Study - Presentation (PDF)
 Sandwich Master Plus (PDF)


2009 Market Research Studies

 Campus Media Usage (PDF)
Campus Water Study (PDF)
Foreign Language Demand PowerPoint (PDF)
Foreign Language Demand Written Report (PDF)
Marijuana Legalization Study (PDF)


2008 Market Research Studies

 North Fields Activity Study (PDF)
Pizza Haven Delivery Service Study (PDF)
Pizza Haven Delivery Service Study (MS PowerPoint)


2007 Market Research Studies

 Intramurals Study (MS PowerPoint)
Snowboard Club Study (MS PowerPoint)
Student Organization Involvement Study (PDF)


2006 Market Research Studies

 Dream Bat Study (MSPowerPoint)
FP Sailing Club Study (MSPowerPoint)
Mr. Mike's Study (MSPowerPoint) (PDF)
Rindge Retail Study (MSPowerPoint)


2005 Market Research Studies

 Cell Service Tower Study (PDF)  (MSPowerPoint)
North of the Border  (MSPowerPoint)


2004 Market Research Studies

  A Marketing Research Study to Determine the Demand for a new Full-Service Ad Agency in Cheshire County (PDF)  (MSPowerPoint)
The Pub Study  (MSPowerPoint)
Rindge Fast Food Study  (MSPowerPoint)
The Looking Glass Hair and Nail Salon: A Marketing Research Study to Identify how to Expand Business to Franklin Pierce University Students  (PDF)  (MSPowerPoint)
 The Woodbound Inn: A Marketing Research Study to Determine how to Increase Sales of Large Functions to New Customers  (MSPowerPoint)



2003 Market Research Studies

An Analysis of Franklin Pierce University Students' Level of Awareness towards Mrs. Murphy's Donuts
An Analysis of an On-Campus Barber Shop at Franklin Pierce University
Click to enlarge photos:
By the Online Team
Rynborn Restaurant and Blues Club: A Market Research Study to Determine if Menu Selection at the Ryborn Restaurant Would Attract New Customers

By the Sports Team
 Franklin Pierce University: A Marketing Research Study to Determine Student Preferences in Relation to a Shuttle Service From the Rindge Campus to Keene, NH

The Shuttle Team


2002 Market Research Reports

An Analysis of Faculty use of Web-Based Education (MSPowerPoint) (PDF)
FP Drinking Water Research (MSPowerPoint)
Monadnock Ledger Tab Section Research  (MSPowerPoint)


2001 Market Research Reports

An Analysis of FP Student Attitudes and Hybrid Courses (PDF) (MSPowerPoint) Click to enlarge photos:
Online Team '01.jpg (56838 bytes)
By the Online Team
An Analysis of Attendance at Off-Campus Home Games (PDF) Sports Team '01.jpg (55754 bytes)
By the Sports Team
 Photos of Other Teams: Greek's Team '01.jpg (65965 bytes)
The Greek's Team 
Mini-mall Team '01.JPG (61765 bytes)
The Mini-Mall Team

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