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University Tuition Remission Benefit

The tuition remission benefit is available for all eligible full-time employees, spouse, registered domestic partner, or children, to enroll into Franklin Pierce University undergraduate or graduate programs.

Employees are eligible after one year of full-time employment; other dependents are eligible after three years of full-time employment.

This program provides full tuition scholarships for all undergraduate courses taken at Franklin Pierce University, including summer courses and courses taught in the College of Graduate and Professional Studies, but excluding any courses taken any other Franklin Pierce supported location with the exception of the Pierce on the Camino, which are eligible for the full-tuition scholarship.

For information regarding the Tuition Exchange Scholarship Program (CIC, NHCUC or TE) click here.

To read the Franklin Pierce Education Benefit Policy - click here



Employee Certification Form - this form should be completed by the employee for each dependent using the Franklin Pierce tuition benefit. The student eligibility certification needs to be completed once per student.


CGPS Graduate Studies Form - complete this form for all CGPS graduate courses.

CGPS Undergraduate Studies Form - complete this form for all CGPS undergraduate courses. These include in class, online and hybrid courses.

Rindge Undergraduate Form- complete this form for undergraduate courses on the Rindge campus.

CGPS and Rindge Enrolled - complete this form if student will be taking a mix of CGPS and Rindge based courses.

  • Tuition scholarships do not apply to room and board charges, University fees of any sort, including, but not limited to, LEAP credit fees, course fees, health fees, student activity fees, or graduation fees, or directed or independent studies.

  • Tuition Benefits replace (are not in addition to) all previously awarded, University-funded scholarships and grants.

  • For courses with limited enrollment, the Educational Benefit cannot be used to replace a tuition-paying student. (This section does not apply to members of the collective bargaining unit.)

How to use your Education Benefit with Franklin Pierce

When you or your dependent becomes eligible to use the Franklin Pierce Tuition Remission Benefit, the following steps are required to enroll the student.


For first time enrollment - complete the Employee Certification Form. This is used to verify the eligibility of the student and is completed once. Once completed, this form must be sent to Human Resources to process. This form is need to ensure that the tuition benefit is applied to the student account.


The student must complete the application process via Franklin Pierce's Admissions process. To apply for admission, follow the link and select the program to continue the process.


Once eligibility has been established, the appropriate form should be completed by the employee (either for their own use or on behalf of the dependent student). Select from the Rindge undergraduate, CGPS undergraduate, CGPS & Rindge undergraduate mix, or the CGPS Graduate forms. Complete this form as accurately as possible - estimate the number of classes/courses that will be taken during each semester/term. The form must be signed by the employee and the employee's supervisor prior to being sent to Human Resources and Student Financial Services.




  • At the beginning of each academic year, a student may receive an initial bill with a balance. This will be reversed once the tuition remission benefit is applied. If there are charges on the account after the first billing cycle, please follow up with Student Financial Services.

  • Employees may not take classes during normal business hours. Please contact Human Resources if this needs clarification.

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