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Welcome to the 2018 Summer employment program



Summer is approaching and as you make your plans, consider the Franklin Pierce Summer Employment Program.


You may have been working on campus during the Fall or Spring semesters and would like to stay on for the Summer. It is important that you understand that there are differences between your academic year employment and the summer employment program.

  • You are eligible to work up to 40 hours per week, or a maximum total of up to 400 hours for summer period (5/20/18 to 8/25/18).

  • To be eligible for summer housing you must work a minimum number of hours during the summer period. The minimum number is 20 hours per week for 10 weeks or have worked at least 200 hours during the summer employment program.

To be considered for Summer Employment and Housing, you will need to come to the Human Resources Department to sign the Summer Housing Contract and verify that all of your required paperwork has been completed. The contract will reviewed by the Judicial Affairs department to ensure that there are no outstanding issues and that you are in good standing. Once the contract has been approved by Judicial Affairs, HR will notify you that you are cleared to pick up the Summer work paper. The work paper will need to be signed by your supervisor before you are permitted to work on campus.


Documentation Required for Working On Campus:


If you have already been working on campus, you should have all your required documentation on file in the Human Resources Office. You will not be permitted to work on campus if your documentation is incomplete.


For those students who are not currently working on campus you will be required to complete the following:


I-9 Form - this federal document is required to confirm eligibility to work in the US. You must complete this form in person. You will need to have original forms of identification. For a complete list of requirements for the Federal I-9 form, please click this link.


W-4 Form - this is the federal tax withholding form. All earned income is subject to federal taxes. If you have a completed W-4 form on file already, you do not need to complete another. If you wish to update your W-4 or need to complete a new form, please click this link.


Background Check - Any employee working with minors (under the age of 18), a criminal background check with fingerprinting will be performed. Please contact the Human Resources Department if you have any questions regarding background check.


MVR Permission Letter - Any employee that will be driving for the University will be required to complete a MVR permission letter authorizing the university to run your Motor Vehicle Report. Once the report is complete and you are cleared to drive for the University you will be required to complete drier training with the transportation department. The permission letter is available in the Human Resources Department.


Direct Deposit - to have your pay deposited directly into your checking or savings account, complete the Direct Deposit form and return to Human Resources. You must supply a voided check or a copy of a voided check with your direct deposit form. This will eliminate any potential issues of incorrect routing or account numbers. If you have a savers account, please provide a print out from your bank regarding your routing and savings account numbers. To update your current direct deposit, or to start up a new direct deposit, please download this form.




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