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The University provides, for all eligible full-time, academically qualified employees, their spouse and children, a selection of educational benefit programs on either a partial scholarship basis or at full tuition remission.

This program provides full tuition scholarships for all undergraduate courses taken at FP, including summer courses and courses taught in the Division of Graduate and Professional Studies, but excluding any courses taken at the FP affiliate, Richmond College, in London, England or any other course not taught on the Rindge campus with the exception of the Walk through Europe & the Vienna Program, which are eligible for the full-tuition scholarship.

To read the FP Education Benefit Policy - click here


This program is open to eligible employees, their spouse

and children after one year of full time service.

  • A year of service is completed on the anniversary date of hire. The corresponding University contribution then becomes effective commencing with the next following semester, session, or term.

  • Tuition scholarships do not apply to room and board charges, University fees of any sort, including, but not limited to, LEAP credit fees, course fees, health fees, student activity fees, or graduation fees, or directed or independent studies.

  • Tuition Benefits replace (are not in addition to) all previously awarded, University-funded scholarships and grants.

  • For courses with limited enrollment, the Educational Benefit cannot be used to replace a tuition-paying student. (This section does not apply to members of the collective bargaining unit.)

How to use your Education Benefit @ Franklin Pierce

 When you have completed one year of full-time employment, you are eligible to use the FP Education Benefit.  Three steps are required for all employees, spouses and children to take classes:  admission, registration, and payment (provided by your benefit).

 ·                    If you are a new student you must first apply for either Rindge or GPS admission.

 ·                    All students must complete the Employee Certification Application form and bring it to Human Resources for processing.  This must be completed once your registration has been finalized and prior to the start of class(es).  It is important to note that the proper completion of this form will provide for payment of the classes.

 ·                     Once you have been certified eligible to participate in the benefit, you must complete the appropriate Education Benefit Application.  This is done once a year for each employee or employee dependent who a planning to take courses at either the Rindge or GPS campuses. Each term listed must have an anticipated number of credits for the term in question.   (Please note: since this form is done only once a year, you will want to estimate the number of courses you expect to take annually)   

Actual reconciliation of benefit funds will take place at the time the Office of Student Financial Services (SFS) verifies both enrollment and charges. Once completed, aid will be disbursed accordingly per term. Please note: you may receive one bill while Student Financial Services verifies your continued eligibility to this program, should you receive any more than one bill you will need to follow-up with SFS.

 ·                    Staff that want to take a class during normal work hours, for each semester or class that interrupts the work day will need to complete a separate Education Exception Agreement Form prior to the start of class. Once completed, that form must be sent to Human Resources. 

·                    All new and continuing students must register for class(es) at the appropriate campus and with the normal requirements of the university.

 If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources at x4075.


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