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Title: Rocky the Raven Mascot Department: Athletics
Supervisor:  Matthew Janik Location: Edgewood


Duties and Responsibilities:

Enhance game day atmosphere at Department of Athletics events by acting as 'Rocky the Raven', the University's mascot.

Represent the University and the Department of Athletics at community events.

Interact with attendees at various Department of Athletics and community events.


Minimum Qualifications / Skills Required:

 Ability to express emotion non-verbally as the mascot is not a speaking character.

 Outgoing personality; willing to be the center of attention.


Skills, Abilities and Knowledge that might be gained in this position:

 Ability to interact with a wide range of people in a high-energy environment..

Hours mentioned are only presented as a loose guideline. Actual hours available may vary widely on a week-to-week basis, per the needs of the department.