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Title: Multimedia Producer-Montage Department: Athletics Communications
Supervisor:  Matthew Janik Location: Edgewood


Duties and Responsibilities:

Oversee the production of the annual Athletics montage video to be shown at the Department of Athletics’ year-end Hall of Fame banquet.  Arrange for the filming of events throughout the year, ensuring each of the University's sports will be represented in the finished product. Select appropriate music and edit highlights together in a way which will ultimately tell the story of the Department of Athletics for the 2017-18 year.  If desired, suggest individuals for hiring as Multimedia Assistants to assist with this year-long production.



Minimum Qualifications / Skills Required:

- Knowledgeable in the operation of audio/video equipment.

- Video production experience.

- Attention to detail and ability to concentrate within a sometimes hectic environment.

- Ability to maintain composure, professionalism and concentration in a sometimes high-tension environment.

- Punctuality and flexibility, as event schedules can change with minimal notice.

- Extreme preference given to applicants enrolled in the University’s communications programs, with an eye toward using the experience to build a resume.


Skills, Abilities and Knowledge that might be gained in this position:

- The ability to produce high-level multimedia content on tight deadlines.

- Knowledge of internal aspects of the Department of Athletics, specifically relating to how multimedia can be used to enhance the student-athlete experience and the University’s publicity efforts.

- Collaborating with peers to both provide and utilize constructive criticism, with the goal of improving everybody’s work.

Special Notes:

- Hours mentioned are only presented as a loose guideline. Actual hours available may vary widely on a week-to-week basis, per the needs of the department.

- If interested, additional hours may be available by serving as a camera operator at events, in conjunction with the Department of Athletics’ web-streaming initiative.