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Title: Athletic Com. Photographer Department: Athletics Communications
Supervisor:  Matthew Janik Location: Edgewood


Duties and Responsibilities:

Under the direction of the Director of Athletic Communication and a fellow student worker tasked with leading the photography group, provide photography support for the Department of Athletics and its 26 varsity intercollegiate sports. Shoot action photos, headshots, team photos and other projects as assigned. Upload photos to the Departmentís Flickr account to be accessed and utilized by staff throughout the year.



Minimum Qualifications / Skills Required:

Attention to detail and ability to concentrate within a sometimes hectic environment.

Ability to maintain composure, professionalism and concentration in a sometimes high-tension environment.

Punctuality and flexibility, as event schedules can change with minimal notice.

Must have own photography equipment, as the Department of Athletics does not have equipment capable of shooting high-quality action photos.

Eye and passion for photography; desire to learn and grow photography experience while on the job.

Willingness to work cooperatively as a member of a 4-5-person team charged with meeting the Department of Athleticsí photography needs over the course of the year.


Skills, Abilities and Knowledge that might be gained in this position:

The ability to maintain productivity in a high-energy, sometimes hectic work environment.

Knowledge of some internal aspects of the Department of Athletics.

Ability to shoot action photographs in different facilities/weather/lighting situations.

Knowledge of various sports and their associated photography needs.

Special Notes:

Hours mentioned are only presented as a loose guideline. Actual hours available may vary widely on a week-to-week basis, per the needs of the department.