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Title: Community Assistant Department: Residential Life
Supervisor:  Kat Dougherty Location:




Up to twenty-seven Community Assistants (CA) will represent the Department of Residential Life for the 2018 – 2019 academic year. The Community Assistants live in their area of responsibility and report to their respective Experience Director.

The experience of being a leader and helper among peers is often the most rewarding benefit of the position.  The Community Assistants’ primary roles are to interact, transition, and engage each resident into the university community.  In addition the Community Assistants will establish a sense of community within their area focusing on building awareness of the expectations of a Franklin Pierce student.

In addition to the specific job requirements listed below, the Community Assistant is expected to possess a positive attitude which embraces the philosophies, mission, policies and procedures of Residential Life. In addition, staff members are expected to exercise good use of personal judgment to protect his/her credibility in the eyes of others which is critical to his/her ability to perform this job.

This leader is a student first and foremost, then a Community Assistant.  All other commitments (membership in clubs or organizations or another job) are expected to come after the Community Assistant position.  Therefore the Department of Residential Life expects that those persons hired as Community Assistants adhere to the following:

* Must attend Franklin Pierce for at least one semester
* No judicial record that may compromise one's ability to perform duties as assigned
* Expected to maintain minimum cumulative and semester grade point averages of at least 2.5
* May not carry a course load in excess of nineteen credit hours or less than twelve credits per semester
* Successful completion of the Community Assistant selection process
* Expected to be students who are engaged in the university community and its offerings such as associations, clubs, and organizations, intramural and athletic teams.  Respecting the challenging and time consuming nature of this position, additional activities will be limited and at the discretion of the Experience Director.  At the beginning of each semester, the supervising Experience Director will meet with, review, and discuss any reservations in relation to the Community Assistant being too over-committed.
*Community Assistants will have the opportunity to be employed up to three additional hours per week.  If a Community Assistant would like to pursue an additional job s/he must meet first with their Experience Director to discuss the opportunity to make sure it will not interfere with their primary responsibility of being a Community Assistant and to fill out the appropriate paperwork. The Director of Residential Life will provide final authorization and will contact Student Financial Services to let them know this second job has been approved.  If after a Community Assistant has been approved to work an additional job and their responsibilities as a Community Assistant are not being completed to the desired expectation level, a conversation will take place and if need be s/he may have to choose between either position.
*Participation in internships or assistantships is encouraged and is subject to approval of their advisor, Experience Director, and the Director of Residential Life.

As a student leader it is vital that each Community Assistant respects and upholds community standards as outlined in The Community Assistant Manual, Community Assistant Agreement, Community Assistant Confidentiality Agreement, Student Handbook, and Student Code of Conduct.  In addition each Community Assistant will be responsible for achieving the following:

Community Development
* First and foremost the primary role is to develop a sense of unity among residents by facilitating the development of relationships among residents.
*Creates a friendly, respectful and considerate environment among the residents on the floor
* Confront any policy violation that may occur in the Community Assistant’s residence hall.
* Frequently be available and approachable to residents.
* Remain on-campus in your residence a minimum of two weekends (Friday & Saturday) a month.

Relationships with Residents
* Establishes relationships with all residents of the floor and demonstrates availability and approachability to all residents
* Is aware of attitudes, possible adjustment concerns and behavioral patterns of residents

Community Events
* Assesses the interests and needs of his/her residents and plans and implements community events appropriately in the areas of Environmental / Recycling / Sustainability, Social, Career Development, Health / Safety, Alcohol & Drug Awareness, Volunteering, Nurturing Development and Social Issues
* Plan and implement events that are passive, social or educational in nature.  The event needs will differ depending on the Community Assistants placement
* At a minimum fulfill all Community Event requirements by providing quality events  that enrich their residents’ residential experience
* Complete door tags each semester.  In the First-Year Area this would include a set for opening of the semester and another set mid-semester.  In the Sophomore, Junior and Senior Areas one set is expected to be completed for the opening of the semester.
* Assist the Professional Staff in a minimum of one Admissions event (Family Day or an Open House) throughout the academic year

* Meets with residents who are experiencing concerns (roommate conflicts, personal issues, etc.) and refers them to the appropriate resource (including, by not limited to, Outreach Education) for assistance as necessary

Community Rounds
* Responsible for participating in a rotating coverage for the entire area in which the Community Assistant is placed between Sunday – Thursday from 8:00pm -12:00am and Friday – Saturday 8:00pm - 2:00am
**While on-duty, an Experience Director may request the Community Assistants to assist with students past 2:00am on Friday and Saturday night, but not to exceed 3:00am
* Must be available in their residence to assist with any calls until 8:00am
* Provide a safe environment and uphold community standards in an objective, consistent and respectful manner providing rationale for policies
* As is true in any community, it is everyone’s responsibility to confront each other when community standards are being challenged
* Follows up with submitting proper documentation paperwork to their Experience Director within forty-eight hours of the alleged policy violation(s)
*Community Assistants who are 21-years-old or older are prohibited in consuming any alcohol starting at midnight the night they are on community rounds.  If a Community Assistant is on community rounds on Saturday, they cannot consume alcohol after 11:59pm Friday night.
* In the occasion of scheduled campus events (planned power outages, water shutoff, etc.) or sporting events (Red Sox versus Yankees or Patriot Superbowl games, etc.) that require additional coverage, Community Assistants will be available to assist in their area as long as it does not affect their class schedules.
*All Community Assistants are expected to be available and participating on community rounds during “Spring Weekend.” Rounds can occur during daytime, nighttime or a combination of times.  “Spring Weekend” is typically the last weekend of April, but can change.  Coverage will be provided by the Department of Residential Life in shifts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am-2:00am.

Staff Dynamics
*Participates in Residential Life meetings, including but not limited to the following: individual, staff, committee, leadership, and in-services
* Participates in all training activities
* Assists in preparing all residence halls for Openings and Closings.  On the nights that the residence halls close, Community Assistants are expected to remain on campus until 9:00pm to assist in closing.  If necessary, Community Assistants will be allowed to stay an additional night at no cost.  All residence halls must be closed before the Community Assistants can leave campus.
* Establishes effective working relationships and works collaboratively with fellow staff members
* Acts as a team player by compromising for the good of the staff as appropriate
* Gives and receives constructive feedback regarding job performance
* Facilitate monthly meetings for assigned area

* Submits paperwork timely and completely (Community Event proposals, duty logs, weekly reports, incident/personal concern reports, maintenance requests, etc.)
* Maintains open communication with Experience Director
* Follows through on all tasks delegated to him/her
* Budgets time and balances activities effectively
* Participate in monthly Health/Safety/Maintenance Inspections of their residential area.

Para-Professional Development
* Attend both Leadership training in the fall and Community Assistant Training in January
* Attend any SAL sponsored Leadership Trainings throughout the academic year
* All Community Assistants must attend at least one of the off-campus student leader conferences throughout the academic year.  These conferences: either Residential Life Association for the Granite State (RLAGS) or Boston Area College Housing Association (BACHA) RA Conference occur during the fall semester

University Open Houses
* Assist in one Open House throughout the year.  (See the “Important Dates” section of this Manual for dates of these events.)
* Participate in meeting with prospective families to explain the residential experience and the Community Assistant position / role

*All other duties as assigned, pertaining to the position

Time Commitment:
Even though a Community Assistant may not be providing a community event for their residents or be representing the department on a community round, it is expected that Community Assistants will be available in their area to engage in conversations with their residents and assist them with their day-to- day needs.  Community Assistants are also required to return to campus up to one week prior to the opening of the residence halls in the fall and spring semesters, to remain on campus until the last scheduled class/exam before break periods begin to insure all residences are properly closed, and to complete any duties through Commencement.

The Department of Residential Life assures that Community Assistants will reside in the area they are placed.  Although Community Assistants can request housing, the Department of Residential Life will place each Community Assistant where it is best for the residents and the department.  Community Assistants are required to be on a meal plan that is appropriate for their class standing and housing.

Community Assistants are hired for the academic year and compensation is in the form of a direct deposited stipend.  Community Assistants in Granite, New Hampshire, Mt. Washington, Cheshire, Edgewood and Monadnock Halls will receive $5,072.  Community Assistants in Mt. View, Northwoods and Lakeview will receive $5,450.

As with any student paid position, Community Assistants cannot be paid for time when they are not actively in classes.  Therefore, Community Assistants will not be paid for any vacations or breaks that may occur during the academic year.

Compensation for the Community Assistant position will begin at the start of training in August and January and will end the week of final exams.