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Title: Peer Writing Tutor Trainee Department: Writing Center/Humanities
Supervisor:  Alan Schulte Location: Wensberg Writing Center


Wensberg Writing Center Peer Tutor Trainee (WCPTT)

Wensberg Writing Center Peer Tutor Trainees receive a full semester of training before they begin tutoring other students individually.  Students who are applying to tutor in the fall, must apply at the beginning of the previous spring semester before employment would begin, while student applicants wishing to tutor in the spring, must apply at the beginning of the previous fall semester. Note that applications may always be submitted; however, interviews generally occur at the end of the semester before the training semester begins.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Qualified applicants will be responsible for tutoring Franklin Pierce students in the Wensberg Writing Center and online at all stages of the writing process across the curriculum,  including analyzing assignments, planning, organizing, drafting and revising, with emphasis on helping students to improve their writing processes and skills. Other responsibilities include making appointments, maintaining email and phone calls, scheduling and keeping accurate and up-to-date records of student appointments. Applicants of all academic disciplines are encouraged to apply.

The job also requires mandatory staff meetings and ongoing professional development training. This position is designed not only as a form of student employment, but as a supplement to their academic experience.

Minimum Qualifications/Skills Required:

Advanced reading, writing, and organizational skills. Applicants should be at least a sophomore, maintaining a 3.0 GPA, having passed with a “B” or better both Composition I and II.

WWCPTT Qualifications and Skills Required

·         Must be able to use Microsoft Office (Word and Excel).

·         Must be punctual and have the ability to follow instructions, be dependable, display motivation and a pleasant and cooperative work attitude

·         Be attentive to detailed work, and perform work thoroughly and accurately with minimal supervision.

·         Understanding of the importance of writing as the means of academic conversation

·         Awareness that The Wensberg Writing Center (WWC) considers the Peer Tutor Trainee position as the beginning of a career choice.  Although this position is academic in nature, it is also a customer service-orientated position that requires courtesy and helpfulness.

WWCPTT Expectations:

·         Accommodate a weekly minimum number of hours

·         Attend all tutor training sessions and meetings

·         Keep accurate Client Reports of tutoring sessions

·         Be sensitive and accommodating to a student needs

WWCPTT Responsibilities May Include, (but aren’t limited to):

·         Reviewing course syllabus; clarify and communicate information presented by the course instructors on a regular basis throughout the semester

·         Making outreach visits to classes

·         Participating in Open House events, Step-up Days, Orientations, etc.

·         Assisting students in understanding the textbook, lecture notes, assignments and other resource materials

·         Helping students organize their thoughts/learn how to approach material (stress study skills) and check for understanding by asking and answering questions

·         Determining student client need, requests, and taking appropriate step(s) to meet that need

·         Allowing time for explanation as well as for exploration

·         Scheduling follow-up appointments with client as needed

·         Striving to enhance Center operations by creating a congenial, learning atmosphere

Important: WWC Peer Tutor Trainees, receive paid training for one semester prior to beginning their solo-tutoring career.  Because of this investment in training, only applicants who are interested in working at the Writing Center for the duration of their FPU Career should apply for this position.


Peter C. Wensberg Writing Center Employment Application Instructions

  1. Prepare a professionally formatted letter of introduction that includes the following details:

  • explanation of personal/professional interest and aptitude in tutoring and writing

  • evidence of successful completion of Composition I & II (name of professor, and grade received)

  • name/contact information of faculty reference (may be same as Comp I or Comp II instructor)

  1. Supporting Documentation That Provides Additional Evidence of Aptitude

  • This could include a letter of reference from an instructor, or a piece of writing you’ve done.

Applicants should send documents directly to Molly Badrawy, Peter C. Wensberg Writing Center Coordinator at