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To work on campus, you will need to do the following:

  1. Complete all the necessary employment forms (W-4, I-9, Direct Deposit) in the Human Resources office located in lower DiGregorio.  (This only needs to be done once)

  2. Once your documents are on file with Human Resources, you will be required to come to HR to get your work papers. It is this document you will provide to your new supervisor giving them notice you have the legal right to work on campus.

  3. You will need a work paper for every position that you work.

  4. Your supervisor will complete their portion of the work paper. Remind them to retain a copy then give the original to you. You will return the form to HR. Once HR receives that form, you are then eligible to begin work.

 Please remember that you must complete, have your supervisor sign and return your timecards when they are due. Student workers who do not submit their timecards or submit them late will be subject to disciplinary actions up to and including the loss of their privilege to work on campus for the remainder of the semester.


How do I find a Job?

Typically in the first two weeks of school, supervisors will list their position openings with Human Resources and jobs are then posted in their office.  Human Resources is located in DiGregorio, lower floor.


Please contact the Human Resource Department at (603) 899-4075 or by email at if you have any questions about student employment.

Completing your I-9

If you are working on campus for the first time, you must complete a Federal I-9 Form to verify employment eligibility. Please bring one of the following ORIGINAL documents to Human Resources: Social Security card or birth certificate bearing an official seal, both are documents that establish employment authorization, if using either a Social Security card or birth certificate you will also need a driver’s license or another form of state issued photo ID (ex. non-driver ID) or Franklin Pierce ID card. A U.S. passport may be used as it establishes both identity and employment authorization, if using a passport you will only need one form of ID. To read the complete list of acceptable forms of identification please visit  Please understand, you are NOT allowed to work on campus until you have completed this form and supplied original documents to Human Resources.


Completing your W-4

To complete your W-4 you will follow the directions as stated on the W-4 form.  You will have to claim a certain number of “Allowances” on your W-4. We are not legally allowed to give advice on how to complete this form so you may wish to ask your parents for assistance.


Completing your Direct Deposit (for paychecks)

Franklin Pierce deposits all student employment earnings directly into your bank account.  To get this set up you will need to bring a blank voided check or your savings account information to the Human Resources office. Please know that you will receive one ‘live’ check prior to the direct deposit becomes in effect.









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