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Use of the Music Department Recording Collection

The Music Department recording collection is housed in the Listening Room in the basement of Mt. Washington, near Cheney Hall. It includes compact discs, long-playing records and a small number of cassette tapes. The records are not included in the electronic catalogue, but a paper catalogue exists in the Music Dept. Use of the Listening Room is open to all members of the FP community under the following conditions.

Everyone may listen to Music Dept. recordings in the Listening Room during its hours of operation. However, there are only two listening stations and limited hours. It would be good to contact the music department (x4006) before you plan to come.

Faculty and staff may take recordings out of the listening room for two weeks. We ask that this be for academic purposes only, instruction or research. That is why the recordings were purchased by the college.

Students may not take recordings out of the Listening Room. However, we will make a cassette tape of a recording for your personal use. We ask that this also be for academic purposes only.

Faculty should not send entire classes to the listening room to listen. If you want to include music listening in your course, please call us in advance to find out how we can serve your needs.

We ask everyone in the FP community to understand that music faculty are not professional librarians. However, we have a resource which might be useful to faculty, staff and students and we want to make it available to you. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Paul Scharfenberger at x4006 or .

Below are the current Listening Room hours. If these are inconvenient for you, please call us. We might be able to accommodate you.

Monday 7-10 pm
Wednesday 7-10 pm
Thursday 3-5 pm


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