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Driver Responsibilities
University Vehicle Use Policies and Procedures

  1. Only trained and certified drivers will be allowed to drive the vehicles.
    1. Minimum age of driver for shuttle and Safe Rides will be 18.
    2. Driver should have a minimum of two years driving experience.
    3. A violation check should reveal no more than two moving violations within the last 12 months.
    4. No violations or traffic stops related to alcohol.
    5. Successful completion of the FPU Defensive Driver training program, unless unforeseen circumstances require retraining.
    6. A road test with a designated driver/trainer for buses.
    7. Possess a valid driver’s license appropriate for the vehicle being driven.
    8. An inexperienced driver should be given practice operating the van under the supervision of a trained driver prior to being allowed use of the van.
    9. Drivers are not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages 12 hours prior to driving or while responsible for the vehicle.
    10. Drivers are not permitted to ingest, inject, or consume any illegal drugs at any time or legally prescribed drugs that would impede the safe operation of the vehicle.
  2. Drivers should be responsible for inspecting the vehicle prior to leaving the parking site.
    1. Any defects should be noted and brought to the attention of Campus Safety or the Director of Facilities prior to departure.
    2. All equipment and luggage carried should be secured inside the vehicle in a safe manner.
    3. Weather conditions will be evaluated by the University Risk Manager and the Director of Facilities and travel will be curtailed when conditions are hazardous. (This includes but is not limited to fog, heavy rain, snow, ice, high winds, etc.)
    4. Trailers are prohibited except for Crew Team and Adventure Recreation.  The operator must be 21 years of age or older.
    5. Roof mounted loads are prohibited.
  3. There should be a suitable number of drivers for the trip, based on the distance being driven.
    1. Trips over four hours or 300 miles need to be approved by the Risk Manager and the Director of Facilities.
    2. Buses are not allowed to be driven over four hours or 300 miles each way for weekend trips.
    3. Coach buses are recommended when traveling over four hours or when weather is questionable.  Coach drivers are professionally trained and more suited for long distance trips and difficult weather.
    4. It is recommended a driver should rest at least a half-hour for every two consecutive hours of driving to reduce fatigue.
    5. It is recommended that driving between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. be limited.
    6. Drivers are not allowed to use a cell-phone while the vehicle is in motion.
  4. Passengers should adhere to the following rules:
    1. All passengers should wear seat belts at all times while traveling.
    2. Passengers should use only seats equipped with seat belts.
    3. No alcohol or drugs should be consumed or allowed in vehicles.
    4. Vehicles should not be overloaded.
  5. Other safety considerations.
    1. Vehicle headlights should be on when driving.
    2. Drivers should not drive a vehicle that is not operating properly.
    3. Drivers must obey all traffic regulations, including posted speed limits and be responsible for paying tolls and associated fines.
    4. Tires should be properly inflated based on the load carried.


  1. Any incident involving a University vehicle must be reported to Campus Safety immediately.  This includes any motor vehicle accident (regardless of lack of damage), any traffic or parking violation received or any damage noted to a University vehicle, regardless of whether the cause is known or unknown.  Drivers who do not report an accident will have their driving privilege reviewed.
  2. The reporting person should complete a “Voluntary Statement” form at Campus Safety detailing the accident or incident including the following:
    • Day, date, and time
    • Location (be specific)
    • Make, model, and plate number of all vehicles involved
    • Names and phone numbers of any passengers and witnesses
    • How the incident occurred
    • Name and department of any emergency personnel responding
  3. The Director of Campus Safety will forward the report to the University Risk Manager to inform the Insurance Company.


  1. If a University vehicle becomes disabled due to mechanical problems, the driver should, if possible, pull over to the breakdown lane or another safe area and call the Enterprise Fleet Management phone number (800-325-8838) and give them the unit number of the vehicle which is on the Enterprise card in the glove box of every vehicle.
  2. Give Enterprise the details of where the vehicle is located and any information regarding the mechanical problem.
  3. The driver should then call Campus Safety at 603-899-4210 and they will notify the Director of Facilities & Transportation, if alternate transportation is needed.  The driver should also call their supervisor or coach.  Together everyone will work to address the situation and resolve the issue in a safe manner.


  1. Vehicle keys and a requisition form must be picked up at Campus Safety at St. Peters.  Keys will not be issued prior to the requested pick-up time.
  2. Only the authorized driver may pick-up the keys. 
  3. The driver must show a valid driver's license at the time the keys are signed out.  Anyone operating a University vehicle must have a valid driver's license in his/her possession at all times.
  4. It is the responsibility of the driver to complete the driver’s section of the requisition, noting starting and ending mileage, fuel levels, and vehicle condition.         
  5. The vehicle must be returned to the appropriate parking area behind Facilities.  Upon return the van or bus must be backed into the same assigned space.
  6. Vehicle keys and the completed requisition form will be returned to Campus Safety at St. Peters immediately upon completion of the trip.