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Campus Shuttle

You don't want to walk down to Lakeview after a long day of class, during inclement weather, or you don't want to drive up and find all the parking spaces taken - and more importantly, you don't want to use a visitor or handicapped spot - that's why the Shuttle is available.

The Campus Shuttle is available to transport students for the convenince during weather, parking availability and safety. The Shuttle is operated by the Department of Transportation and is run by student drivers. Pick-up locations are all over campus, mostly at classroom and residential hall buildings.

Campus Shuttle Schedule:

Download the detailed Shuttle Schedule PDF

Monday- Friday
7:30 am to 8:00 pm

Weekdays from 4pm until 8pm,
the Franklin Pierce Campus Shuttle
stops at Market Basket,
Hannaford's and Wal-Mart,
returning to all locations
approximately every 50 minutes
Weekends and Holidays
2pm - 6pm
Full Campus & Off Campus service

Looking for Drivers

Every year Franklin Pierce accepts
applications from students who
would like to drive the Franklin
Pierce shuttle.

All shuttle drivers attend driving
classes to feel comfortable with
the vehicle, and are paid during
the training period.

Student drivers must have a valid
drivers license and good driving

Call the Transportation Office.
ext. 4120