Winter Advisory

will commence within 24 hours of the storm ending;
starting at 5:30 PM.


Parking lot snow removal will normally begin 24 hours after the storm ends. After a storm has passed, snow removal will begin the next day at 5:30 PM in the evening.  The specific hours and schedule for snow removal will be determined by the Director of Facilities or the Manager of Maintenance.  A voicemail and email will be sent to advise community members when the snow removal will commence. 

All vehicles will have to be moved to accommodate the removal of the snow.  If your vehicle is disabled, it is your responsibility to have it working and moved so it does not impede the snow removal operation.  Snow shovels are available at Residential Life Staff Offices and the main office at New Hampshire Hall.  You will need to leave your university ID card to borrow a shovel. 

Snow Removal Schedule:

5:30PM...….Fieldhouse, Edgewood and Monadnock Hall parking lots

6:30PM…...Northwoods Apts., Northside lower-parking lot (by the beach volleyball courts), Mt. View Apts. (in front of towers 'C' through 'E')

7:30PM.….Cheshire Hall, Mt. View Apts. (in front of towers 'A' and 'B') and Cheney Hall parking lots

7:30PM…..Mt. Washington, New Hampshire and Granite Hall parking lots

8:30PM…. Sawmills Apts., Lakeview Townhouses


For safety reasons and to help expedite the plowing of parking lots, you are asked not to return to the lot until the entire lot has been completed.


Vehicles that do not comply with this snow emergency policy, hinder snow removal, and/or constitute a traffic hazard, will be towed at the owner’s expense. The Campus Safety Communications Center will attempt to contact you if your vehicle was towed.  If you do not have a voicemail or it is full, we do not accept responsibility for not contacting you.  The vehicle will be towed on campus at a fee of $75.00.  Arrangements to get the vehicle returned can be made by calling Campus Safety at 4210. The university accepts no responsibility for any damage to your vehicle due to towing.


Community members using the DiGregorio parking lot are
asked to use the outer rows to allow for plowing.

Thank you for your cooperation