Virtual Academic Showcase 2021 Registration
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2021 Showcase Theme

The 2021 Academic Showcase theme is Sustainable Development Goals.

Franklin Pierce University has created 9 Sustainable Development Goals adapted from The United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a more sustainable future. These include:

Reduce Poverty
Reduce Poverty and Eliminate Hunger
Promote Peace
Promote Peace and Justice
Climate Change
Take Action to Combat Climate Change
Improve Health
Improve Health and Wellness 
Protect Water
Protect and Conserve Water
Provide Work Balance
Provide Work-Life Balance and Wage Equity
Diversity, Equality and Inclusivity
Increase Diversity, Equality and Inclusivity
Sustainable Campuses
Create Sustainable Campuses and Protect Biodiversity
Provide Mechanisms
Provide Mechanisms to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, Including Quality Education and External Partnerships

We encourage students and faculty to consider posters and presentations that align with Franklin Pierce University's Sustainable Development Goals.

Questions regarding registration and submissions can be directed to Dr. Laura Christoph, Chair of the Academic Showcase Committee:

Abstract Rules & Guidelines - Important!

Registration Deadline: Monday, March 15th, 2021

Note: Students are required to select a faculty/staff sponsor who has teaching experience and/or credentials relevant to the subject area of the proposed project. The student must obtain sponsor oversight and approval of their presentation and abstract prior to submission of the registration form in order to be considered.

Registration forms must include:

  • The title of the presentation
  • The type of presentation
  • The name and contact information of the faculty sponsor (for student submissions)
  • The name and contact information for the student or faculty/staff registrant(s)
  • An abstract
  • Any and all equipment, supplies and/or media needs You will be given further details about the time and location of your presentation after the abstract submission deadline.

Titles will:

  • Be clear and concise.
  • Be accessible to a wide and varied audience.

Abstracts will:
  • State, in clear terms, the central question and purpose of the work.
  • Provide a brief discussion of any relevant methodology.
  • State conclusions and significance.
  • Include text only (no images or graphics).
  • Be reviewed, approved and submitted by faculty/staff sponsor.
  • References are allowed within abstracts, but not required.
  • The online registration/abstract submission form may not process all formatting and special characters (e.g. scientific symbols). Use plain text format for your abstract.
  • Your abstract should be between 150 and 200 words in length. Write in the third person with descriptive writing; this will be used as the description of your presentation in the Academic Showcase Schedule.
  • All abstracts must be submitted by midnight of the registration deadline (March 15th 2021).

Note: The abstract, title, and author(s) of your presentation must appear EXACTLY as they are entered in the registration form, including the identity of the primary registrant and the order of co-registrants.  Please double check punctuation and spelling before submitting (The Academic Showcase Committee is not responsible for editing or correcting your submission).

Extensions will be granted only in the case of technical difficulty.  Submit extension requests in writing to Robert Goodby before the end of the submission deadline listed.


Poster Print Instructions
Poster designs need to be submitted to Print by April 5th, 2021

Please utilize the following template and printer guidelines when creating your poster.

    • Files must be saved and submitted as a high-resolution PDF
    • Student posters must be sized at 24" w X 18" h
    • Faculty posters must be sized at 48" w X 36" h
    • Do not delete, replace, or resize the Franklin Pierce University logo
    • Photos must be 300 dpi or greater
    • For students posters, the name of the faculty sponsor must be included directly under the name(s) of the student presenter(s)

Individuals may not be the primary registrant for more than two events.

Student poster 24 x 18 (PPTX) template >

Faculty poster 48 x 36 (PPTX) template >

Showcase 2021 Registration Forms


**Fill out all sections of the form
and submit with your faculty sponsor**

Student Registration Form


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Faculty/Staff Registration Form


**Fill out all sections of the form and submit**

Raven Bowl Registration & Information


** Submissions by upper level courses or students organizations will be considered on a case-by-case basis. **