Initiative for Digital Education for Accelerated Learning (IDEAL)


 The Ideally Speaking Podcast

The Ideally Speaking Podcast is lovingly produced by Dr. Kristen Nevious (Director of the Marlin Fitzwater Center for Communication and steering committee member) and her fabulous crew.

Episode 006  Kristin Ziemke

Kristin Ziemke, author of Read the World: Rethinking Literacy for Empathy and Action in a Digital Age and Amplify: Digital Teaching and Learning in the K-6 Classroom joins us for a chat about innovative learning practices where thinking is at the heart of the curriculum.

March 6, 2020  |  26:59

Episode 005  Adam DelMarcelle

Socially active designer, maker, and professor Adam DelMarcelle sits with Paul Jenkins to discuss his life, the motivation behind his work and practice, our responsibilities as citizens and how technology can help spread the word, change minds, and save lives.

November 15, 2019  |  31:21

Episode 004  Lance Eaton

What is Open Pedagogy? Come find out as Paul Jenkins chats with writer, educator, instructional designer, and social media consultant Lance Eaton about expanding the digital learning space and effectively teaching a wide variety of students.

January 23, 2019  |  27:36

Episode 003  Joni Siani

Author, documentarian, and educator Joni Siani joined our faculty and students for a pre-Halloween discussion about cell phones, society, and our collective dependence on all things mobile. Following this, Ms. Siani sat down with Paul Jenkins to delve deeper into the effects of smart phones and mobile devices on our relational and personal development.

October 29, 2018  |  21:22

Episode 002  Todd Taylor

Paul Jenkins sits down for a conversation with our 2018 Keynote Speaker, Todd Taylor. Todd is the Eliason Distinguished Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he also directs the first-year writing program. Listen as Paul and Todd discuss digital literacy and its place in educational pedagogy.

September 20, 2018  |  25:42

Episode 001  The Gang's All Here

The IDEAL Initiative Steering Committee convenes for our first-ever podcast. Listen in as Paul, Frank, Leslie, and Chris chat about the origin of IDEAL, try to define digital literacy, discuss digital tools and their roles in the classroom, and answer the question, "Why the heck are we producing a podcast?"

August 8, 2018  |  23:51

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