Initiative for Digital Education for Accelerated Learning (IDEAL)



IDEAL stands for “Initiative for Digital Education for Accelerated Learning.”


In May, 2018 Franklin Pierce University was granted funds from the Davis Foundation in order to transform our current undergraduate pedagogical practice at FPU through the enhancement, across the curriculum, of digital skills and literacy (referred to as DSL).  By fostering innovative use of digital resources, we hope to transform our instructional approaches.


The aim of this website is to serve as the online "home base" for the IDEAL Initiative. Here you will find information about our participants (steering committee and faculty cohorts), off-campus conferences and professional development opportunities, upcoming on-campus guest speakers and workshops, and a cavalcade of online resources and digital tools.


If you are a member of our faculty cohort or simply interested in the IDEAL Initiative, this is also the place to communicate with the steering committee and find out more. Take a look around (check out the links above) and please let us know if you have any questions.


The IDEAL Initiative Canvas Page

Click HERE to visit our page on Canvas – where you can participate in discussions, share ideas, and communicate with the Steering Committee.

The Ideally Speaking Podcast

Click HERE to listen to the Ideally Speaking Podcast – where you'll find all sorts of audio goodness from on-topic chats to interviews with our guest speakers.

A Collection of IDEAL Videos

Click HERE to check out our ever-growing collection of videos documenting the wonderful guest speakers who have visited FPU on behalf of IDEAL.

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