Campus Safety and Transportation

Franklin Pierce of New Hampshire
Department of Campus Safety


The Department of Campus Safety believes that crime awareness is the key to crime prevention. The following services and programs are provided by Campus Safety and Student Affairs to educate community members:

  1. Orientation program on crime awareness for incoming Freshmen and Transfer students
    • This program is conducted at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters for incoming Freshmen and Transfer students. It provides an introduction to the Department of Campus Safety and its services and basic crime prevention information.
  2. R.A.D.(Rape Aggression Defense) Program for Women
    • R.A.D. is a 12-hour self-defense program for women only. A nominal fee is charged for class materials. Classes will be scheduled, as our instructor is being re-certified. 

  3. Crime and Health Awareness Fair

    • The Department invites local law enforcement, fire service and health agencies to provide information regarding crime awareness and general health and well being. The Fair usually takes place during October, which is national Crime Prevention Month.
  4. Training for Residence Life staff

    • Campus Safety personnel participate in and provide training during Resident Assistant orientation and at various times during the year. Training has included crisis management, alcohol and drug awareness and crisis intervention.

  5. Rape Awareness Programs

    • Programs on rape awareness and romantic behavior are conducted through the Residential Life.
    • Department staff will advise the students what to do if they should become a victim. An introduction to the R.A.D. class is included.
  6. Drug and alcohol awareness programs

    • Campus Safety personnel are involved in Residence Life programs regarding drug and alcohol awareness and also have a certified TIPS officer.

  7. Fire safety programs

  8. Periodic crime and campus alerts

    • Crime Alerts are issued when a crime or pattern of crimes or other activity has occurred which present an immediate and significant danger to the Community. Crime Alerts are sent out as a "Raven Flash" e-mail, are posted on those areas affected and notification made to Residence Life staff, if applicable.
      Campus Alerts are issued to advise the Community of relevant information in other areas of concern, i.e. weather or storm advisories, traffic advisories, potential or real power outages, etc.

  9. Campus Safety Watch Line


People wishing to provide anonymous information regarding an incident may call the Watch Line at 899-4100/2795 (CSWL). Messages are picked up during the normal business days only.

Report all emergencies to 5555