Campus Safety and Transportation

Franklin Pierce of New Hampshire
Department of Campus Safety


All members of the Franklin Pierce University Community and guests to the campus are encouraged to report emergencies and suspected criminal activity to the Department of Campus Safety immediately. It is the practice of the Student Affairs Office and Human Resources to contact Campus Safety when crimes or emergencies are reported to those offices. 

Campus Safety maintains an EMERGENCY phone number for immediate emergency assistance. Emergency phones, many with the "blue light" are located throughout campus for this purpose. If you witness a crime or wish to report a crime, call:

  • Campus Safety 899-4210

  • Rindge Police 899-5009
    - or report in person at the St. Peter's Building on University Drive.

    When reporting a crime or emergency;


Remain calm.


Give the location of the incident - building name, room number, parking lot name.


Identify yourself and give a call back telephone number. Your identity will remain confidential, if you wish, however it is important we be able to contact you if we need additional information.


State the incident you are reporting i.e. theft, medical emergency, etc.


Describe the scene - who and how many people are there, if  medical treatment is being given, description of subjects, etc.


State the subject's direction of flight, if applicable


Stay on the phone until the dispatcher has recorded all of the information.

· When a crime or other serious incident is reported, a Campus Safety Officer will be dispatched to the scene to render assistance and investigate the incident. The Rindge and/or State Police may also be contacted if circumstances dictate. If the responding officer determines the situation presents a significant or imminent danger to the FPC Community, s/he will contact the Director of Campus Safety and/or the Director of Residential Life to provide timely warning to the Community.

· Response to fire emergencies is provided by the Franklin Pierce University Fire Department, which is housed on campus, and the Rindge Fire Department. The Franklin Pierce University Fire Department, under the direction of the director of campus safety and staffed by student volunteers, responds to all fires, fire alarms and hazardous materials incidents with the Rindge Fire Department.

· The Franklin Pierce University EMT Squad, under the direction of the Director of Health Services, provides response to medical emergencies. Nationally registered student volunteer EMTs are available for emergency medical assistance during hours when the Health Center is closed. Jaffrey ambulance provides emergency transportation when needed. Rindge Rescue is the primary response unit when the EMT Squad is out of service.

· Incidents identified as Residence Life or Maintenance related will be referred to the on-call personnel in the specific department needed.