Campus Safety and Transportation

Franklin Pierce of New Hampshire
Department of Campus Safety


Possession and use of non-prescribed drugs is incompatible with the educational process and inconsistent with the purposes of the University community. The possession of drug paraphernalia I prohibited by law, and the sale of drugs will result in the separation from the University and prosecution.
Use, possession, or distributions of narcotics or other controlled substances, except as expressly permitted by law (e.g. prescription drugs) are forbidden. Federal and state law regarding narcotics and controlled substances shall be strictly observed and enforced. Drug related devices are forbidden on University premises; in accordance with federal and state law.

FPC prohibits alcoholic beverages in all public areas of the campus, including lounges and corridors of residence halls and outdoor areas, unless special permission is received for a particular function. Freshman residence areas are designated as alcohol free.

The University prohibits common sources of alcohol. Common source is defined as a large amount of alcohol present which is in excess, or beyond a reasonable amount for the number of people present who are 21 years of age or older. Common sources include, but are not limited to, Kegs, beer balls, and around the world parties. This regulation is due to the irresponsible consumption and associated negative behavior. Further, social gatherings (parties) where money is collected or tickets are sold is prohibited. The use of funnels, taps, kegs etc. Will be confiscated. These items will not be returned to students.

As a member of the Franklin Pierce University community, students reside in the State of New Hampshire, and therefore responsible for knowing and abiding by all state laws. State law forbids the possession of alcoholic beverages as a minor. No sales agent, nor any other person, shall sell or give away or cause or permit or procure to be sold, delivered or given away any liquor or beverages to a person under the age of 21 years, or a person under the influence of liquor (NH RSA 179:5). Students over 21 years of age are subject to prosecution if they sell or give alcoholic beverages to a minor. RSA 265:821 is amended to provide that a driver under the age of 21 years, with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 0.02 or more may be charged with DWI. For an average person, 0.02 BAC would be less than the equivalent of one beer or light drink. The Alcohol and Other Drugs Committee is assembled periodically to review these and other related regulations. The Alcohol and other Drugs Committee recommends to the Vie President for Student Affairs the appropriate campus policies and programs.

The University has adopted the following guidelines:

1) The University has the responsibility to exercise prudent control over the use of alcohol on and off campus at University sponsored events.
2) Food and non-alcoholic beverages of sufficient quantity must be available whenever alcoholic beverages are served at events on or off campus.
3) Individuals and/or sponsors of activities, events, or parties where alcohol is served are responsible for clean up and damage.
4) No alcoholic beverages are permitted in or out-of-doors, except in the Raven's Nest and private residence hall rooms (that are not in designated alcohol free residence halls). Special permission must be obtained for special function in other locations (on or off campus) from the appropriate member of the Senior Staff.
5) Incident reports from the Department of Campus Safety indicate if the incident is alcohol related and are reported to the Director of Residential Life and Judicial Affairs
6) In promoting University events, alcoholic beverages may not be mentioned in advertising material.
7) Specific alcohol policies, including the "Three Strikes Policy" can be found in the Student Code of Conduct and at the Franklin Pierce University Web site: