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Academic Advising for Faculty and Staff


Institutional Learning Outcomes

  1. financial literacy
  2. civic knowledge and engagement
  3. teamwork
  4. experiential learning
  5. ethical reasoning
  6. career exploration.

These are the learning outcomes which will be assessed across the undergraduate curriculum. In preparation for instituting these value-added learning outcomes in fall 2014, the coordinators of General and Liberal Education will form six learning communities in fall 2013, charged with the task of developing curricular and co-curricular pathways and assessments for them. Their work will be processed by the Curriculum Committee in spring 2014 (NEASC Fifth-Year Interim Report, pg. 21).”



Other Helpful Links


Links for Professional Development in Advising

  • The Mentor An Academic Advising Journal
  • NACADA The National Academic Advising Association