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In order to complete any of the forms below, please download the PDF and open it in Adobe. If you open the PDF within your web browser, your changes to the form will not be saved. Once you have completed filling out the form in Adobe, feel free to email the PDF to the next person who needs to sign the form. Once the form is completed entirely, then it can be emailed to the Registrar's Office.

If you do not already have a PDF viewer, you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.

We do not need original paper copies of forms submitted via email.

University Information and Policies

Transfer Information

Services by National Student Clearinghouse

Diploma Replacement Request

For Current Students:

Update your address, phone number, name, or campus:
Change of Biographical Information

Students with access to their FPU email account can update their Biographical Information by emailing .

Update your preferred first name:
Preferred First Name Declaration

Update your major/minor/certificate/etc:
Declaration/Change of Major/Minor (Online Only)
Declaration/Change of Major/Minor (Rindge Only)

Plus Program and Honors Program:
Accelerated/Plus Declaration
Honors Contract (Rindge Only)

Earn credit away from FPU:
Request to Study at Another Institution
Internship Learning Contract

Get ready to graduate:
Notice of Candidacy for Graduation
Senior Year Plan (for Rindge Only)

Where do I go for signatures?
Division Information for the Rindge Campus

For Faculty:

Forms for Faculty

How to Register....

Withdraw from a course (W grade):

  • Student Initiated Course Withdrawal

    Leave of Absence or Withdrawal (Rindge only):

  • Leave of Absence from the University
  • Withdrawal from the University

    To start the Leave of Absence/Withdrawal process, feel free to meet with any of the following staff:

    Jill Bassett, Jim Earle, Scott Ansevin-Allen, Derek Scalia, Ann Goodrich-Bazan, Misty Start, Kat Dougherty, Chris Johnson, Michelle Bourassa, Camille Caliendo, Kristina Lynch, Katherine Potts, Marisa Najarian, Lee Potter, or Nicole Newell.

    Application for Readmission (Rindge Only)

  • Complete this form to return to the Rindge Campus if you have been gone for less than 2 years.
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    The student is responsible for reading and adhering to academic policies and regulations in University publications, documents and program materials. The student is also responsible for ensuring that their contact and biographical information is accurate. The student must inform the Registrar’s office of any changes as soon as possible.

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    The University maintains email accounts for all students and therefore, does not save student’s personal email accounts. The University uses the Franklin Pierce email account as an official means of communication with students. University staff, faculty and departments will communicate to students directly through Franklin Pierce email and in many instances will consider this email correspondence as the student’s signature. Faculty may communicate to an entire class of students in the same email and may expect students to reply in kind. Students are responsible for maintaining their University email account so that it is open for new mail and are expected to read their University email regularly and respond appropriately. If students choose to forward their University email to another email provider, they are still responsible for receiving all University communications.

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    Current Students can access their enrollment verifications 24/7 through their CampusWeb.  Simply log in, click on the Student (students at Rindge), Undergraduates (for online undergrads), or Grad Students (for graduate students), and then click National Clearinghouse.  From there you will be guided to printable enrollment verifications, free of charge.

    Your enrollment information for the term/semester will be available one week AFTER the Add/Drop period is over.  Your enrollment information for the term/semester will then be verified to Clearinghouse regularly throughout the term.  Please understand that you can only be reported to the Clearinghouse as an active student if you are currently enrolled for classes.

    Students who need an enrollment verification before the information is available (one week AFTER the Add/Drop period is over) or students who are not currently enrolled will need to contact the Office of the Registrar at

    For commercial users – potential employers, insurance companies, credit grantors, et cetera – who seek verification of a student’s enrollment, Franklin Pierce University has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment verifications.  The National Student Clearinghouse also electronically processes deferment requests from lenders.

    National Student Clearinghouse may be contacted at:
    Mail: - National Student Clearinghouse
                2300 Dulles Station Boulevard, Suite 300
                Herndon, Virginia 20171

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    Past and present students who need verification of their degree at Franklin Pierce University may request this from the Office of the Registrar at . If you received a form for this purpose, please email/mail the form to us and we will be happy to complete it for you.

    For commercial users – potential employers, insurance companies, credit grantors, et cetera – who seek verification of a student’s degree, Franklin Pierce University has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide degree verifications. 

    National Student Clearinghouse may be contacted at:
    Mail: - National Student Clearinghouse
                2300 Dulles Station Boulevard, Suite 300
                Herndon, Virginia 20171

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    Welcome Student Veterans
    Franklin Pierce University welcomes veterans; we are here to help you determine if you qualify for veteran education benefits. Franklin Pierce University is approved by the NHSAA Office to administrate VA Educational Benefits for eligible students. The VA makes eligibility determinations and students that believe they may be eligible for benefits under the GI Bill® should seek determination from the VA.

    We will be happy to assist you with all the facets of your relationship with Franklin Pierce, from inquiry to graduation. We are approved to accept veteran’s educational benefits, participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program, abide by the Principles of Excellence, and invite credits from non-collegiate sources such as the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and the American Council on Education ( ACE).

    Getting Started is Easy!

    1If you have received benefits while attending a previous institution, submit a "Request for Change Program or Place Training" (VA Form 22-1995).
    2Once the VA has reviewed your application for benefits, you will receive a Certificate of Eligibility or your Notice of Basic Eligibility. Please submit a copy of either to your admissions counselor.

    Your military experience could possibly be applied to college credit, ultimately reducing the amount of time it may take you to complete your undergraduate degree. Please arrange for your military transcripts to be sent to Franklin Pierce University Office of Admissions. If you have college courses from any other regionally accredited institution, simply request for an official transcript to be sent to the Franklin Pierce University Office of Admissions for evaluation of transfer credits. Once you have provided Franklin Pierce University with your transcripts, please complete a Credit for Prior Learning/Training Student Acknowledgement Form. Military spouses interested in credit for prior knowledge and expertise gained through life/work experience can learn more through LearningCounts Partners With Department of Defense.

    Also, to assist you in navigating your way through the processes noted above and beyond, please refer to our Resources/Support listing.

    GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at

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    Registration for Students at the Rindge Campus

    New students who have submitted an enrollment deposit to the admissions office will recieve an email with futher details about course registration.

    Current students, registration for the spring semester is held in November while the summer and fall begin in March.

    A Schedule of Courses is posted on Campus Web a few weeks before registration opens. You will receive email communications with details as registration approaches.

    How to Register Online--Everything you need to know to have a successful course registration. What to do when you get an error message, how to register for lab/lecture courses, what to do if you have a hold, and so on. Updated 3-1-2017.

    Add/Drop - Registration Status Change--This form is only to be used if you are a Business Plus student or you are going to register for more than 17 credits in the semester.

    Students who plan on enrolling as non-degree need to contact the admissions office to begin the process.

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    Registration for Online Students

    Online registration instructions can be found on CampusWeb. After login, select the Undergraduate or Grad Students tab to access the instructions

    New students can either register on CampusWeb or complete and submit the New Student Registration Form.

    In order to complete the registration process:

    1. You must be free of holds.

    2. You must accept the Financial Responsibility Agreement (this takes the place of your signature on a paper form)

    3. You must click on ‘Notify Advisor’ on the final registration page.

    After your advisor approves, your schedule will be available on CampusWeb.

    If you are having difficulty adding or dropping courses online, you can use the Registration Status Change (Add/Drop) Form to make changes.

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    Registration for DPT and MPAS Students

    Course Registration - Current DPT & MPAS Students

    Current DPT and MPAS students will register via their center. If changes need to be made, please use the Registration Status Change (Add/Drop) Form.

    Registration Procedure

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    Contact Information

    Telephone: (603) 899-4068
    Fax: (603) 899-4069

    Located on the Rindge Campus - DiGregorio Building, Upper Level
    Hours: Mon - Fri, 8am - 4:30pm
    Summer hours: 8am-4:30pm Mon-Thu; 8am-3pm Fri.

    Charlee Eaton, Registrar
    Carol Ruggles, Assistant Registrar
    Mat Kittredge, University Degree Analyst