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NuView - Payroll System


Franklin Pierce University employees utilize a system of electronic time keeping. For those staff members who enter their hours online, please click on the logo below which will log you into your employee profile. For instructions, please click below for "How To" guides.

  Click the logo above to sign into NuView



For MAC Users:

When downloading the pdf copy of a pay stub, those who use a Mac will notice that when the pdf is opened, it is loaded with random numbers and letters. To be able to view the pay stub, go to the downloads folder, locate the pdf copy (you will note that the name of the file will end with .html or .htm). Rename the pdf so that the extension is .pdf only. Once saved with the .pdf extension, the download will open as a normal pdf file.


For information on how to complete your timecard online through NuView, please read the How To Complete Your Timecard.


If you would like to view your paystub online through NuView, please read How To View Your Paystub.


For supervisors - for instructions on how to approve timecards through NuView, please read Approving Timecards.



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