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Franklin Pierce University's Response to COVID-19

Franklin Pierce University's guidelines, expectations, and processes were developed with guidance from, and in some part are governed by, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services NHDHHS), and the New Hampshire Governor’s Office. We use their guidance in creating decisions concerning testing, quarantine and isolation, and reserve the right to decide on protocol and procedures that best fit the safety of the Franklin Pierce community needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

For specific questions for students, please visit

Last update: 2/18/2022


Will visitors or guests be allowed to visit campus?

Yes, while the University is welcoming some visitors and guests to campus, it is important that they understand that when coming to campus they may be required to wear a mask and/or practice some social distancing. Please inform your visitors or guests that they should obey any request to wear a mask by the University if they are attending functions, events or gatherings on campus. A guest may be asked to leave campus if they do  not  follow University masking requests.


Will testing be available for faculty and staff on-campus for Spring semester 2022?

No. Unlike 2021, the University will not be testing on campus. To find a location near you for COVID-19 testing, please visit the website for details within your state.


Do I need to use the CANVAS LMS?

- Yes. Taking into account that switching to remote learning is still a possibility, every class will have a consistent presence through Canvas. Faculty compliance with FPU consistency standards for this presence requires:

a.   Use of Canvas syllabus, gradebook, and FPU Outlook email.  Faculty need to be prepared to move to an online presence on short notice with assignments, announcements, CampusWeb, and zoom.

b.   Faculty may choose from several Canvas templates which follow the accessibility requirements of universal design, provided by the university. Should faculty create their own template, they should follow the accessibility requirements of universal design as provided by the university in compliance with Intellectual Property provisions in CBA Article 27 and terms of this MOA.

c.   Faculty must include within an introduction to each course the FPU template that explains how to navigate the Canvas site. The University will provide standardized language for such an introduction which faculty may choose to utilize.


If we have an outbreak on campus, will we close and send students home?

We are prepared to pivot to an all-remote delivery model for classes should a significant outbreak that warrants that transition occur. It is our hope that by following the procedures, protocols and processes we have in place we can complete the year without incident. All courses should be designed from the outset to accommodate the possibility of a sudden change to an all-remote delivery model. Syllabi should be designed to facilitate ready conversion to a 100% remote format.


Can I ask/require students to wear a mask in the classroom?

Yes, you can. Whenever the university-side mask mandate expires, faculty may require students to wear masks in the classroom from March 1, 2022 through the end of the spring semester 2022.


Am I required to be vaccinated?

Yes. Franklin Pierce is requiring all faculty and staff and students to be vaccinated. All new hires will be asked for vaccination status.


Why is FPU requiring vaccination?

Overwhelming evidence suggests that vaccinated people are far less likely to spread the virus to others. Developing immunity through vaccination means there is a reduced risk of developing the illness and its consequences. Additionally, the immunity received helps fight the virus if exposed. Based on the best available scientific and medical guidance, we are requiring everyone to be vaccinated to help us find the most effective way to ensure individual and collective communal health.


Can I refuse to be vaccinated?

Under the A.D.A., employees can request a medical or religious exemption with an accompanying reasonable accommodation provided under applicable law. Please reach out to Human Resources with any questions regarding an exemption.


Do I need to provide proof of my vaccination/booster status?

Yes, all employees (including new hires) will be required to provide a copy of their vaccination cards.


What is the difference between Quarantine and Isolation? And which do I need to do (if any)?

The CDC defines these as:

Quarantine - this is when you might have been exposed to the virus and may or may not have been infected.

Isolate - this is when you are sick or when you have been infected with the virus, even if you don’t have symptoms.

(CDC Quarantine and Isolation)

What if I have been in contact with a COVID positive individual?

As per the CDC current guidelines, please follow the guidelines below if you have been informed or you are aware that you have been in contact with someone who has just tested positive.


No Quarantine if:

-       You are 18 years old and above and you are fully vaccinated with the booster shot.

-       If you have tested positive for COVID in the last 90 days.

You should wear a well-fitting mask for 10 days from the last date of contact.

Get tested 5 days after that last contact date.


Quarantine if:

-       You are 18+ years old and have been vaccinated but not yet receive the booster shot.

-       Unvaccinated or have only been partially vaccinated.

Will the University be providing N95 masks?

Yes, the University will be providing KN95 and other non-cloth face masks to all departments/offices.

What are the best masks to wear to reduce risk of infection?

While some studies suggest that the N95 mask can provide up to 95% effectiveness, a surgical mask can provide up to 60-70%. Cloth masks along are not very effective against the most transmissible variants such as Delta and Omicron. Wearing a surgical mask covered with a cloth mask can be very effective.

At-Home COVID-19 Testing and Coverage.

As per the guidance from the Biden-Harris administration, Harvard Pilgrim will be covering the cost of up to eight over-the-counter, FDA-approved, at-home COVID-19 tests per member, per month. As of January 19, 2022, please members will be able to print out a form from the Harvard Pilgrim website with instructions on how to submit for reimbursement. Please log into the Harvard Pilgrim website with your membership details for further details. COVID-19: Your Guide to Care - Harvard Pilgrim


For information regarding HIPAA and COVID-19 Vaccination in the workplace, please visit the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services for information regarding the HIPAA Privacy Rule. (HIPPA & COVID-19)







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